The Last Y7 Cushion makers for 2018

By Penny Riley | Posted: Tuesday July 3, 2018

The last rotation of Year 7 students completed their cushions this week and they will be bringing home their masterpiece for the holidays :)

The final three classes have been working through the key stages to making a striped and/or patched cushion over the last 5 weeks. They have all learned a lot about their choice of sewing machines. They have passed a sewing machine driving licence and then they made a cushion inner. Following this, they chose fabrics of their choice and have worked with increasing confidence through the key stages to make an overlap style cushion. Check out the gorgeous combinations of fabrics and colours they chose. 

I look forward to hearing next term how many students were busy making cushions and being creative in the holidays.  Winter holidays are the perfect time to stay inside and get the sewing machine out.

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