Maori Hill School gets new multi-sport turf.

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Tuesday July 3, 2018

After a long wait, Maori Hill school gets a new multi sport turf.

About two years ago at the last school fair the P.T.A (Parent Teacher Association) started saving the money raised for the new turf.  The P.T.A chose to get a new turf as the asphalt on the Maori Hill court was starting to crack and break, and it was very slippery. The turf came in rolls and took about a week to lay out . It has basketball, hopscotch, 4 square and netball so really it is a multi sport turf. The turf is very sandy but the school caretaker said that the sand will wear away in 5-6 weeks. 

The turf was originally going to be on the top field but it was too pricey so they put it on the top court instead. The school caretaker said that he likes the turf but that it will also be very hard to look after. The turf has lots of uses and most of the classes have used it at some point. The P.A.L’s (physical activity leaders) and the school hockey team use it for their hockey practices. The school hockey coach said that it was really good to have a proper hockey surface to play on. It's also not muddy. 

One of the hockey players said that they really liked the turf but said that it could do with some goals. Multiple students said that the turf was good and that they liked to play on it. They also said that the balls don't bounce as well as they do on concrete and that the balls roll away as the turf is not flat. Everybody did like the fact that it was not slippery but instead of grazes they get carpet burn. Overall everyone likes the new turf and said that it looks much brighter than the old top court.