Full STEAM Ahead!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Monday July 2, 2018

Last Friday we celebrated the learning and projects that students have been working on during our "Full STEAM Ahead" Friday sessions.

Throughout the term teachers and students worked, learnt and collaborated together to try new skills, tools and hands on experiences in our Friday options. 

Our local contributing schools and our parents were invited in, to look around the expo last week. From mask making, photography, robotics, coding, animation, cardboard constructions and game making, sound engineering, science fair and upcycling ..... just a few of the activities on offer for students to try this term.  Others were in the Dragons Den  creating and designing new inventions and ideas. 

It  was so awesome to see so many teachers and students taking risks with their learning in Full Steam Ahead Fridays. 

The expo provided a show case and an opportunity to share their learning. We are hoping that students will now take some of these skills back into their classroom and look for other opportunities throughout the design thinking or ASPIRE PBL inquiries that they think about another way or another tool they could use to share or develop their learning. 

Creativity, problem solving and collaboration were certainly evident throughout this process. 

Lisa Dixon

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