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By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday June 7, 2018

A warm welcome to all family and friends of our Year 8 Whanau.

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

Nau mai Haere mai Piki Mai

This term continues to fly by.  A special thank you to all camp helpers for your assistance in ensuring that the students’ camping experience is one to treasure.  We have 3 classes still to attend.  Room’s 3, 4 and 13 are busily preparing for their week away.

Our main class focus this term has centred on investigations into forces.  We are now moving into the CO2 Dragster Car unit. This is a collaborative activity where the students work as a team to create their project.  As part of a team, each child will have a specific role to be responsible for in the construction of the Dragster.  This programme will be a prime opportunity for your child to direct their own learning.  We are aiming to celebrate this with our very own Year 8 Dragster Festival.  More information will follow as we finalise details.

The students are fully engaged in the programmes we are running. They are positive and enthusiastic about their learning.  The most pleasing aspect is how they interact with others.  Kindness and respect are very much a year 8 focus this term and all staff comment regularly how wonderful the students are in regard to these values.

Nga Mihi

Year 8 Teachers

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