Origami Proves Popular In Room 6!

By Beth Downie | Posted: Monday June 4, 2018

We are loving origami !

Room 6 is a hive of activity, with origami everywhere! The obvious favourite.. The paper balloon. Including paper cranes, paper dresses and lots more, the origami wall is a masterpiece of paper and tape! Now that the wall of origami has been completed it might influence the library too. With an origami wall going up in a few weeks, you can be sure to see origami all around school!

The Japanese started origami in the 6th century when the Buddhist monks carried paper over from Asia. The word origami comes from the smaller words, ori meaning to fold and kami, meaning paper. Origami has and always will be apart of Japanese culture.

Here is what people think about origami and Room 6s display,

“I think it's really cool and I wonder how people created the techniques.” -Thareni

“I think it’s really pretty and it calms you down.” -Anna

“I think that it is a cool part of the classroom and it really shows our personalities.” -Bethany

“The origami is satisfying to look at.” -Tom R

“It’s awesome and I like to do it.” -Pippa

“It’s cool.” -Max B

Origami has been a really big part of Room 6. It is something that most of the class have been doing before school and on cold lunchtimes. We are really proud of what we’ve done and we would be happy for you to come in and take a look.

By Emma ,  Annie and Bethany,  R6