Room 5, 6 & 25's Pancake Challenge.

By Alex Buttery | Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017

The challenge was to modify the flavour of the basic American-style pancake using ingredients available.

The students had to follow the recipe by themselves and modify the recipe to change the flavour. They then had to cook them before sharing with the class. The class voted on their favourite.

The hard part was no quanities for the added flavours were given so we had some interesting amounts of cocoa being used.  However the winning group used drinking chocolate instead of cocoa to give their chocolate flavour.

We had a variety of flavours including: Vanilla, Caramel & Double Chocolate Chip,  Strawberry, Double Chocolate,  Raspberry Jelly & Double Choc Chip, Triple Chocolate, Raspberry Jelly & Choc Chip, Berry & Choc Chip, Chocolate and Tropical Fruit.

The votes were in and Double Chocolate by Alexia & Ella was chosen to be the favourite.

They all did a great job and they looked fantastic.

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