Who eats who? Supper in the Sea!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday February 21, 2017

Last week Room 7 had an exciting trip to the Aquarium to ignite our animal adaptations unit on Survivor - looking at structures and features at the Rocky Sea shore.

 On the 15th of February Room 7 headed to the Aquarium for a session of learning about our amazing coast line. We got split into two groups odd bods and even stevens. First the odd bods went to the main aquarium part and we looked at the spectacular sea horses and lots of other mini sized tanks with really cool fish inside. One of the tanks was really big with lots of different looking fish and large crayfish. There was this fancy telescope looking into a bowl with rocks and a half crab which is really interesting because its eats it food with these big nets that come out from its pincers and grabs its food. We had a go at pouring water with with phyto plankton into the bowl for the crab to eat but unfortunately we didn't get anything. The next was most of our favorites the touch tank! There was big slimy sea stars that we got to pick up and blue crabs. When we dipped our hands into the cold water fish swam away. Then we had to dissect carpet shark and dogfish shark. In my group the shark had eaten some shrimp and fish spine. we had to wash our hands for ages to get rid of the smell. It was a great day to learn about adaptations of lots of different sea creatures and also to look at supper in the sea.

By Theo Stebbings

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