Year 8 News

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday May 19, 2016

Read on to find out about our Year 8 happenings!

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

The first three weeks have certainly flown and we are all looking forward to the challenges that this term will provide.

Our integrated theme this term is called “Wonderment.” The 2 key questions we will focus on are…

- Can I make sense of the world around us?

- Can I Prove It / Make It /Create It?

The key feature of this term will be the science fair investigations. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to direct their own learning. Selecting a topic they are interested in is a key motivating factor with this. The students will be encouraged to display a mature work ethic to take responsibility for their learning. Thank you for your support so far with this activity, it is clear that when school and home work together that your child’s learning is enhanced.

As part of our integrated theme on flight we are conducting numerous hands on experiences. From throwing nerf balls and boomerangs, flying kites, making rockets and completing experiments the students are learning about the scientific principles involved. If your child is struggling for a science fair idea then they can always extend the flight activities we are working on.

The Year 8 students thoroughly enjoyed the OBs and OGs musical “Popstars” that we attended on Wednesday. They were certainly engaged in the story line and disappointed that we missed out on Act 2. A number of students are now excited about our up-coming school production and you as parents may wish to encourage their participation in this.

Rooms 8 and 3 have each had an exciting week at camp, Room 14 are looking forward to next week. A big thankyou to all camp helpers. The students and teachers appreciate your assistance in making this event a highlight of their time at Balmac.

Kind Regards

Year 8 Teachers

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