Room 9 coding.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Wednesday April 13, 2016

Room 9 has continued to develop their coding skills.

We have continued to develop and work on our coding skills through problem solving challenges.  During our reflections we discussed how we have to trial different commands until we solve the problems.  We have had to use some prior knowledge like understanding degrees and turns to help solve problems.  This made us realise that some more learning would help us.  So we need to include more work using protractors and degrees in our classroom learning to gain a greater understanding of degrees.  The great thing is that this gives a reason to learn about degrees and angles.  

What we enjoy about our coding is that it is challenging but it is also fun. We found success quickly and it is a fun experience doing coding.  

We look forward to doing more coding next term and building on our skills.

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