Room 14's 2017 Berwick Camp

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Monday April 10, 2017

Read on to find out about our super week at camp.

Kiaora Family and Friends of Room 14

Our week at Berwick was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We were able to tick off all the activities that we had planned. The parent helpers were amazing and they certainly made the week extremely successful for all students. Thank you to all helpers and visitors for your contributions to our class camp.

The only drama at camp was the fire alarm going off on Thursday night. It was a false alarm with a bug getting into one of the sensors. With the majority of students being in a deep sleep it took a lot of calling and shaking to rouse them. I know I will be checking my own fire alarms at home to make sure they are up to the task of waking up teenage children.

There is a box full of lost property which will be handed out during the last week.  On the last day it is common for items to go missing as the students shove items into their bags. If you have any extra items then just get your child to bring them back to school and we will reunite them with their owner. The baking containers will also be returned during the last week.

There will be numerous camp photos available. If you have a USB stick then send it with your child so I can copy all the photos onto it.

Thanks once again to everyone for your support and help with our camp.

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