Making & Creating in the CAMLAB

By Harriet Kinnaird | Posted: Wednesday August 2, 2017

On Thursday morning Room 8 spent time in the CAMLAB exploring all of the wonderful activity stations and giving lots of new things a go.

There were four activity stations including... 

Duct Tape Flowers which seemed to attract a large amount of the female class members.

Making your own app using Bloxmob which required problem solving and perseverance.  

Green Screen Animation which required the students to create a short animated movie with the title: 'Surprise!' In two weeks time the animations will be presented at a movie and popcorn event. 

Paper Roller Coaster which gave the students an opportunity to have a play around creating a roller coaster structure before we get our own classroom kit and enter the school wide competition to win the CAMLAB design trophy. 

Room 8 will be spending a lot more time in the CAMLAB this term with the opportunity to use the space during our library session each week. Congratulations to Niamh Dillingham, James Howard and Phoenix Leef-Harris who are our new CAMLAB monitors! 

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