What's hot in the kitchen with the Y7's?

By Alex Buttery | Posted: Tuesday March 8, 2016

Group A  have finished their first block in Foods technology  and are hopefully wowing with their cooking at home!

We have finished our first foods group for the year.  We rounded off the unit by making a fruit crumble, sushi and cookies.  The fruit crumble was apple and nectarine and the students were able to modify their topping with cinnamon or rolled oats or sunflower seeds depending on what they wanted.  The sushi also had a variety of options and some of the braver used wasabi, and most tried pickled ginger if they hadn't before.  The chocolate cookies were a firm favourite with them all, and hopefully some made it home!  

All the students have been emailed the recipes that we have made as their books will not be sent home until after their second time in the foods room. 

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