New Zealand Book Awards - Junior Fiction Finalists.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Monday June 13, 2016

Here is Abby's book review on Cool Nukes by Des Hunt.

This book caught my eye because the title page was very effective with all the bulging letters and colours. As I read the blurb and looked at the title page I realised that it had something to do with science and coincidentally it's the time of the science fair. This story is about two friends Max and Jensen who are part of an international programme called Proax which teaches high learning for able students. Max and Jensen have a science professor named Malt. Malt lives in a house on Eastwood Eve with a garage and a shed filling his backyard. Unfortunately there was an explosion that occurred in his backyard which trapped him in the garage. The part I got up to was when Max and his dog (TC) tried to save him.

I really like this book because Des Hunt is a really good author for mystery and adventure. He’s always putting in cliffhangers, making you want to keep reading. I have read a few books from Des Hunt like Cry of the Taniwha and Frog Whistle Mine which are both exciting because of their mystery as well. This book makes me feel shocked and surprised when something engaging happens like the description of the explosions or even when the characters are shocked themselves. I really like this book so I am going to keep reading!!!.