Room 14's Day Out!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Sunday September 4, 2016

Last week Room 14 went to the Physical Education School at the University of Otago and to the Sports Hall of Fame at the Railway Station as part of our ongoing Sports Studies Unit.

Our first stop was the P..E school. Here we were taking through the research centre and shown how the P.E students and university researchers use the facilities for investigations into biomechanics - how the body moves, physiology of the body and motor skill development using their resources. Even Michael Phelps was secretly at the University using the Flume to research for speedo their new tog designs and fabrics. Some of our students were lucky enough to have a go in the Flume where cameras underwater can analysis the strokes, monitors can be used to measure the bodies responds to the exercise and the speed of the water can be adjusted. Our swimmers held onto a bar while the speed was increased to Olympic Medal winning speed and our swimmers could barely hold on!

Other students were hooked up to monitors with probes to record all their movements. Some played computer based games to record their motor skills in a fun way and some challenged their power and speed output on a sprint bike challenge. It was a great session and very informative.

The second half of our trip was to the Sports Hall of Fame in the Railway station. Most students did not even know it was there! We spent time looking and exploring a wide and varied history of New Zealand sporting heroes, reading about early sporting achievements and in pairs completing a quiz looking for answers around the Hall. Students then could find one sporting hero of their choice and report back some interesting information to the class before we finished with a discussion on who they though from our current sporting legends should be inducted to the Sports Hall of Fame and why.

Room 14 had a great day out and learnt a lot about how the body works and read and discussed inspiring  stories about sporting legends. 

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