Room 7&8's Mystery Box Challenge

By Alex Buttery | Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2018

4 Ingredients, 45 minutes and an unknown group makes for a fun last Food Tech lesson.

One protein, one carbohydrate, one vegetable or fruit and a can of "something" hidden under a tea-towel can lead to something exciting. The students had to choose a number out of the bowl to determine which table they sat at, so they were all working with someone new. Then as a group had to decide what to cook using their ingredients. A few rules to work around included that they had to use part/all of all the ingredients and had the use of the pantry and garden ingredients. But they couldnt use anything another group had been given.

45 minutes later each group presented their food to the Celebrity Judges, aka their teachers, for their tasting and judging. Some amazing flavours were created. Judging from the food made from pantry basics I'm sure dinner will be yummy in those homes over the holidays!