Bunnings Visit to Room 7!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Last week as part of our Term Three IMPACT topic looking at sustainable practices a team of community educators from Bunnings came to work with us. 

One of our key questions this term is how can we make a difference? So Room 7 wanted to make a difference in our school environment and worked with Sheryl and the team from Bunnings to replant our school herb and vegetable gardens, weed the garden areas in our technology block and talked about reusing, recycling and what we can do in our own homes to live more sustainably. The class split into three groups to work for the first half of the session - for some it was the first time working in a garden and learning how to plant. 

In the second half of the session we split into a girls vs boys challenge working with the Bunnings helpers to make a scarecrow each  to use in this garden area to keep the birds away. Both teams had a lot of fun trying to make, create and organise themselves to complete their scarecrow before we then had Mr Hunter come to judge which one he liked the best. Both scarecrows look fantastic but the boys scarecrow was Mr Hunters favourite.

We would like to thank the team from Bunnings who worked with us and also for the donations of new plants for our gardens, trees for our school and the materials to make the scarecrows!!

Ms D

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