Kiwi Golf

By Jake Scott | Posted: Monday February 15, 2016

- By Devon

One week ago room 25 did kiwi golf with Melanie. Starting with our swing, Melanie told us to pick up a flag and showed us our field hand and our house hand.  We lifted our flag slowly up and then as fast as we could back down. When we had mastered that we headed back to the hoops and she gave us our partners, two people went to the flags and one person stayed with the hoops. After picking up a golf club we kept an ear out for the whistle and then repeated the action we had practised with flags; slowly up and as fast back down to hit the ball. Some did well others not so well. When we had run through everybody we moved onto the tennis ball and a small tee. We then hit the golf ball and that was the easiest to hit, some people even hit it over their partners heads! We each had three goes and then Melanie told us to come in to have a little talk about how well we did. I really enjoyed the golf it was an amazing experience. 

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