Room 9 thinks like a scientist.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Tuesday May 3, 2016

Room 9 has begun to explore and discover science.

Today we started on our first science challenge.  

Challenge Activity : Drops on a Coin

In groups of two or three try to put as many water drops as possible on a 10c coin.

The water droplets must be completely contained on the 10c coin and there may not be any supports other than the droplets themselves.

It was interesting to see how many drops could fit on a 10 cent coin.  Osasa got over 100 drops on a coin.  As we were working on this challenge it raised lots of different questions.  We know want to know if we used a maths counter instead of a coin makes a difference.  We also wondered if we changed the liquid makes a difference.  Silvan suggested that maybe the temperature of the water might make a difference.  So we have decided that we need to try some of our ideas tomorrow and observe what happens.

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