Zombie - Moment In Time

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday May 19, 2016

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The chipped and bloody fingernails scratch at the barn door. Hordes and hordes of the undead stumble up to the door and join in.  Loud groans and shrieks can be heard from all around the barn. Their skin is dry and cracked while their insides are rotting. CLUMP, a big hand slams down onto my shoulder, These creatures are coming in through the window. I feel the greasy rotten jagged teeth sink into my shoulder blade. The world becomes dark.


"Why am I doing this?" I asked my hyperventilating-self. The floors of the abandoned house creaked as if it was warning me. Then I smelt it, words cannot describe the putrid smell. Half-gagging I nervously peeped round the sharp corner. There it was, blood dripping down its pupil-less eyes, teeth as sharp as broken glass, this monstrosity was unlike anything i had ever seen! Silence echoed through the life-less room.  SHRIEKKKKKKKKK!!!!! The most terrifying sound i had ever witnessed deafened my ears as the zombies only working leg stumbled closer and closer towards me.


Hordes of the undead creatures flooded the busy streets. The zombies staggered towards their victims like a pack of drunken hyenas. Their lanky arms drooped downwards and there were scabs and streaks of pus plastered over their faces. The grotesque creatures smelt like vomit and screamed with delight as they greedily devoured human flesh.