What a fantastic day out at Long beach. 

By Jake Scott | Posted: Sunday October 23, 2016

On Day 2 of term 4, room 25 visited Long Beach. 'Communication' was the theme and we certainly had lots of fun doing it.  

Room 25 were met with perfect weather for a full day of beach related activities; not to sunny, not to cold, just lovely and warm. 

For many it was their first time climbing the basalt cliffs of Long beach and it was great to see all students giving it ago and persevering. Climbing was really about trusting and communicating with your partner on the ground so that everyone was aware of what was going on. 

Elsewhere, students were problem solving in teams to complete tasks to the best of their ability. The Shark group took out the 'Rolling Ball' challenge, creating a sand sculpture that sustained a moving golf ball for over 14 seconds.  

A very entertaining show, was watching groups navigating the deep, dark and undulating cave whilst contained within a circular bungee chord. 

A big thanks to all the parents involved. This could not have gone ahead without their help and it's a bonus when those who volunteer are happy to get amongst the activities with great gusto. 

Well done Room 25, great Day!

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