By Rowan Cooke | Posted: Saturday November 4, 2017

Report by Ben Sinclair

On Tuesday the 24th of October Room 5 went on a class trip to Long Beach. When we got to school we got into the parents’ cars and drove all the way to Long Beach. When we arrived at long beach we walked over to the rock and sorted into the groups. I was in the middle group. We got to go to the middle part of the beach and did whatever we wanted, like play with sports gear or make sand castles. After that the Wearable Arts students went to their rehearsal for Wednesday. My group then went to the cave. n the cave we had to find some fake $20 notes and exchange them for parts of a riddle. Once we solved the riddle we then we went to the rocks and did some rock climbing. There were 5 ropes set up and we all enjoyed ourselves.

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