Year Seven News

By Beth Downie | Posted: Thursday February 12, 2015

The Year 7 group have had a fantastic start to life at Balmacewen Intermediate School.

All classes have experienced life as an Early Settler at Toitū Museum and enjoyed learning about Early Dunedin and the challenges the migrants faced. This visit is linked to our term one topic of Identity and our history of a city.

Walking the Pineapple Track was a great challenge prior to the 19km hike at camp. The views were spectacular and from the summit it provided the children a great view of the city. They were able to identity many landmarks and geographical features like the Stadium, Saddle Hill, Taieri Mouth, Balmacewen Intermediate and many were even able to spy their street!

Beach Education was another education outside of the classroom experience that we all enjoyed. The waves were huge and they provided the pupils and parents a great learning opportunity to experience identifying any rip patterns, body surfing and having a safe fun time in the water. A big thank you to the parents who helped with this class activity and spent time in the chilly ocean!

Camps are underway and largely have had decent weather. The children have loved becoming a class community and bonding with their camp buddy class. The flying fox has been a great hit with many children conquering their fear of heights. The tramp on the Millennium Track has proved a challenge for many and all have shown great persistence while on this track. The weather has not played it’s part on the days scheduled for sailing at Lake Waihola so as I write this, no classes have yet had the pleasure of cruising on the lake!

The Pōwhiri experience will certainly be one that many Year 7 pupils will remember for a long time as they are now officially part of the school. The Year 8 pupils did an exceptional job leading the Haka Pōwhiri as well as their Waiata and Whaikorero and a special mention also has to go to Taine Hand from Room 26 who performed the Whaikorero on behalf of the Year 7 pupils — he did an excellent job and we all very proud of him!

Finally, thank you to all parents who have come along and met their child’s teacher and have offered to help on so many of our class trips, without your help these trips are not possible. We really look forward to getting to know our Year 7 parents better and working in partnership with you and your child.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Beth Downie and the Year 7 team

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