Room 9's fabulous day at Long Beach

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Sunday November 6, 2016

Read on for some of Room 9's fabulous Long Beach recounts

Walking along the soft spongy ground we head for a large opening in the gigantic hill. Slowly moving closer to this monster of a hole we get set with a challenge. Everyone rushes inside the dark gloomy opening. Sneaking down towards the end of the tunnel turning darker and darker the flashlights brighten and light up the large room. Running around like headless chickens we search for many green shinny notes hidden between the dusty rock walls. The sound a little droplets of water splashing on our heads. One by one my ears fill with the loudness of other kids screaming that they have found the hidden treasure.

By Abby

Zipp click, alright you are ready to go.

I look at the big jagged and deathly rock face with gigantic unbalanced rocks at the tip of each cliff. I map out a route that I might just survive with out falling to my death. I hear the voices of the not so lucky climbers in the wind. I close my eyes and pray. I check my caribena, all three c`s are secure. First step, second step, I look up and yell out to my belay, “have you got me?”

He yells back, “you're all good.”

I lean back trying to trust my rope. It's phenomenal that it holds. I spider walk to the left where I have a better chance of getting up. I pull myself up I'm half way up. I stand on a big ledge where I meet my friend. We high five then have a race to the top. I've made it with delight and I have bet Osasa as well. Its windy but it has a great view of the sea.

My belay yells out it's time to come down, “just give me a yell when you're ready.” I take one last glimpse of the scenery then I spider walk backwards trusting the rope. I'm on solid ground looking up at what had just climbed.

Now to complete the other ones.

By Silvan

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