Organised and Ready to Learn

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Tuesday February 21, 2017

Organised and Ready to Learn is the one of the Balmacewen Intermediate Super 6. 

The Balmacewen Super 6 are a set of 6 key learning skills created especially for our students. They are the 6 qualities that we believe are key to being a self directed learner.

The first of the Super 6 that we would like to introduce to you is Organised and ready to learn.

Being organised and ready to learn can include a number of attributes and skills: 

Having breakfast, drinking water, getting exercise, limiting screen time, getting a good amount of sleep, having the tools and equipment for learning (eg pens and PE gear), being ready and willing to listen, asking good questions and being focused.

Ask your children about our Super 6 and look out for them in our newsletters, certificates, and school website.