By Hannah Cowie | Posted: Tuesday March 6, 2018

Our trip to Toit Museum & Dunedin Chinese Gardens...

This week Room 11 had an exciting visit to the Otago Early Settlers Museum. We learned about the history of New Zealand and how it has shaped us today. We had a quiz to do in groups about early settlers to Dunedin, we all worked well collaboratively.  It was interesting to find out about each others ancestry and where we all come from. In our class, most people were born in Dunedin and the rest were from either another country or somewhere else in New Zealand. 

Finally, we got to visit the Chinese Gardens and find lots of hidden treasures. Overall this was an amazing experience, Room 11 all had so much fun and enjoyed finding out about our history.

By Isla Vasa and Brooke Prentice 

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