Southland Summer Sports Exchange

By Lauren Roney | Posted: Sunday April 2, 2017

Last week Balmacewen hosted Southland Boys and Southland Girls High Schools in our annual summer sports exchange.  

Results were as follows:


Balmac Girls B vs SGHS - 7-0 to SGHS

Balmac Girls A vs SGHS - 4-3 to Balmac

Balmac Y8 Boys vs SBHS Y7 - 5-0 to Balmac

Balmac Y7 Boys vs SBHS Y8 - 9-2 to SBHS

Balmac Y8 Boys vs SBHS Y8 - 3-1 to SBHS

Balmac Y7 Boys vs SBHS Y7 - 6-5 to SBHS

Water polo:

Balmac Girls vs SGHS - 7-3 and 6-4 to SGHS

Balmac Boys vs SBHS - 9-1 and 5-2 to Balmac


Singles - 3-1 to SBHS

Doubles - 1-1


Win to SBHS

A big thank you to all of the referees and umpires - it's much appreciated!  

We are now looking forward to travelling to Invercargill later in the year for our winter exchange.

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