'It's All About Me'

By Richard Olsen | Posted: Monday February 15, 2016

During the first 2 weeks of term we've been busy completing our first unit of work. The unit is based around ourselves and putting a range of information about ourselves into a booklet.

The unit is called 'It's All About Me' and is a great unit to start the year as it allows me to get to know what makes the students in my class tick. 

The booklet is made up of the following items. A biopoem; a haiku poem; a letter to me; a basketball singlet piece of art; a piece of name art; and goals for the term. 

The photo you can see is of the name art that we completed. The challenge was to use contrasting colours on our background to make it really stand out. 

This was the first unit of many to be completed throughout the year. Everyone made a fantastic start and the booklets look great! 

Mr Olsen

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