Shima's extension writing.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Monday May 23, 2016

The sky is painted indigo, violet, pink, purple, silver, blue, black, red and white tonight.......

Stars on Earth

The sky is painted indigo, violet, pink, purple, silver, blue, black, red and white tonight. The stars form glittering clusters of light that sparkle across the night, the crescent moon hanging suspended above the inconsequential minorities of human life, the glow of the city lighting up the water. One small star detaches itself from the others. It begins to fall, hurtling through time and space, speeding faster and faster until it is just a burning streak in the night.

The star grows larger and larger as it approaches. Blue flames dance all over the falling star, as the air bends and shifts around it. Gradually, the slender, pale shape of a girl in a flowing silver dress becomes clearer, the tips of her hair on fire, as she streaks headfirst towards the water. Her silvery eyes are squinted from the wind, her cheeks pale from cold. She plunges into the glass-like sea, the freezing black water drenching the flames as ripples dance across the surface. She surfaces, gasping for air, her sparkling silver limbs glowing through the black water. She treads water as she scans the brightly lit harbour, throwing glittering beams of light across the tranquil blue. Her white-blonde hair floats in a halo around her in the water. Slowly the light fades from her ghostly skin and she dives under the water, her glowing form still visible beneath the dark water. She speeds under the water until it gets shallower and shallower and finally she pulls herself onto the shore, wringing the water from her long silky hair, her pale grey eyes darting. She gets to her feet and starts to run, light and silent, her feet making wet footprints on the pavement as she heads towards a house. Inside, she closes the door quietly, grabs a towel, and slips into bed. Tomorrow she will go to school, where her friends will know her as Natalie.

Out in the sea, men, women, boys and girls with silver hair and pale glowing limbs are one by one plunging into the sea and heading towards their homes, where they will go on with normal lives as humans. If a human were to see them in their true form, they would be all over the news, locked in laboratories, being experimented on, and most likely regarded as aliens. But for now, life in the stars remains undiscovered and undisturbed.

By Shima