Close Encounters of the Butterfly Kind!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday March 8, 2016

Room 14 had many close encounters last week at the Museum butterfly house with butterflies, bugs and strange plant life.

As part of our current unit on Survival - adaptations and special features Room 14 heading off to the Museum to look in more depth at another ecosystem - the Tropical  Rain forest. We were divided into groups to study four different concepts - Plant adaptations, Animal adaptations, Food Webs in the Rain forest and relationships between plants/animals. We talked about the different habitats and conditions that would exist within the Rain forest. 

It was hot, humid and sticky within the Butterfly house. We had to put together a presentation to the rest of the class.  Highlights included studying the turtles and watching as they devoured butterflies that landed in the water, looking at the life cycle of the butterflies with the caterpillars in their cocoons, watching butterflies feed on the fruit and nectar, and of course being scared of the tarantulas even though they were safely behind the glass.

After our session in the butterfly house we went upstairs to the Animal Attic. We have been looking at classification in class and used this session to focus on one vertebrate and one invertebrate to study in depth looking at special features and adaptations for their survival. The animal attic was amazing - so much to look at and learn from. Ideas from this session will be used to help in the creating and developing of ideas for our own invented Zoo creature for our Inquiry!

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