Waihola Camp - Room 9 and 26

By Jake Scott | Posted: Thursday March 8, 2018

What a blast! Our camp experience ticked all the boxes and I was particularly proud of everyone's perseverance through some hard times and the positive and respectful approach towards other students, staff and parents.

Day one set the scene for what was to be a challenging but rewarding effort from all individuals and groups. 

The Millennium track was beautiful and a perfect opportunity for our classes to mix while they took in the open views of the Taieri river mouth and surrounding native bush. Some were looking unsure about the track at the early stages, but with some great support and first aid we were all able to make it off the track with smiles. 

Day 2 was a highlight. Groups rotated through 7 exciting and often challenging activities. The initiative course was definitely something special from a spectator's point of view.  Groups worked amazingly well, as leaders shone and others offered their valuable contributions to problem solve a variety of activities. The Flying Fox, water slide and archery, among others, were common highlights from the day. We finally finished the day with a good old fashioned sing-along around the camp fire before an extreme game of spotlight through the forest.

Without the support and expertise from our family community, the camp would have been very different. Room 9 and 25, Mr Scott and Mr Kemmett would like to thank those who volunteered to make our experience flow like clockwork and keep the smiles buzzing. The parents were more than happy to get involved and worked wonders with the students and especially in the kitchen.  

Thanks for everyone who took part at camp.  A fantastic few days!

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