Room 14 and their coding journey!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday September 13, 2016

At the end of Term Three Room 14 started their coding journey with an exploration session followed up by collaborative teaching and expert help using Hour of Code and Scratch.

In Room 14 some of our students have had some experience with coding but many of the students haven't had a lot of experience - and neither have I as the teacher! So we split into groups to use two websites - the Hour of Code and the other using 'Scratch". 

We started exploring together and I was impressed with the level of collaboration and support students were giving each other throughout the first challenges. Two students were also acting as teacher assistants as they have the skills and knowledge beyond our current experience to be able to help, problem solve and support their classmates as needed. 

Over the rest of the year we hope to continue to build on our skills and for those more able use this as another way to show their learning and skills. 

Check out these links. We were also lucky to have a parent expert - Mr Beric Holt - who works as a programmer for Runaway Play. He worked with our extension group on game development ideas. It was amazing to see how quickly the students skills improved as they worked on a either developing skills or on designing games. We have now started a studio to share our projects also and plan to continue to work with code during a techie time once a week over the rest of the year,

Hour of Code


Our Studio

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