Berwick Camp 2017 - Room 8

By Harriet Kinnaird | Posted: Tuesday June 27, 2017

Room 8 survived Berwick Camp! We had a fantastic time in the rain, snow and sunshine. Here's some of our 'Moment In Time' writing about our memories from camp. 

I heard the my teammates chit chatting about what emotions the experience would offer. I saw the adults at the bottom looking like miniscule bugs. I felt vulnerable and scared but strong-willed. I wondered if the firm ropes would bear my load. By Aaron Alexander

I heard people laughing like they were being tortured by a tickle machine. I saw the teacher’s giggling like their heads would fall off like a arrow that failed to shoot. I felt ice like water running through my top like I was swimming in a frozen river. I wondered if had even gotten close to the rope I was trying to reach. By Matthew Manson

As the knot is pulled I open my eyes and saw pitch black. Everyone slowly says 1...2...3...GO! I felt my back being pushed as I lift my toes up of the wood. I heard the wire clicking. I wondered when I would smack into the tires? BANG! I felt my whole body slam into thin air like a wave smashing into a concrete wall. I gently bounce backwards until I stop... By Heidi Platt

I heard calls of guidance from the team above. I felt determined and weightless as I made my way down the water drenched rock. I saw the brightly coloured ropes that would be my lifeline. I wondered if I would ever reach the solid ground that was safer than this slippery rock face. By Grace Twaddle

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