Quick write inspired by music.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Tuesday July 4, 2017

By Erandi Gamage

The frosty cold air breathed heavily on me as I ascended up the icy mountain covered in a thick coat of snow. The dark sky was speckled with glistening stars that shone like gems. I was hiking the tall mountain when lightning lit up sky and sky moaned with thunder. I hurried into a gap in between the mountain it was pitch black but further ahead there were dim lights. I strolled slowly through the cave it lead into a room with a glowing blue chair attached with glittering jewels the throne was painted on the lake in front of it with two giant trees which stood firmly with bony branches which reached out to you if you touched one it would grasp you forever. Further along was a corridor with colons reaching up like sky high mountains to the ceiling with dirty tiled floors. Through the corridor were kings made from stone with long beard wearing long robes with a crown two of them held a long stone bridge which lead to a room which knights sharply carved out of stone .The next room was another corridor which lead into old fashion kitchen filled with furnaces covered in a layer of dust and outside was a room filled with rusty wooden tables. I came to room with flags and up a staircase was large white beam reflecting off a glittering gem in one corner of the room was painting showing an army of knights all saluting to king dressed in orange robes sitting in a throne. In the last room was skeletons lying on the floor with knives stabbed through their chests. I let out a terrified scream and it wasn’t only the skeletons that were scaring me there were whispers in the walls.