By Deb Tasi-Cordtz | Posted: Monday April 4, 2016

Check out a couple of our camp recounts written last month. Sounds like lots of fun and excitement was had by all.

The voices of chatter were getting louder and louder. It was pitch black and I could only see five metres ahead of me. I looked up and the darkness seemed to of changed. The Stars were absolutely, all of them had different sizes and shapes but all with the same sparkle. I wanted to reach up and hug one.
We all took a seat while Mr Scott explained the rules, “When you hear the first whistle you have 3 minutes to hide. When you hear the second one the adults are coming to get you!” “PSSSTTT” the first whistle had gone and everyone was scattered across the confidence course and it's paddock. “PSSSTTT” there was the second whistle. “Oh no” I thought to myself. I had hidden myself amongst the trees and had my back to the confidence course. My heart was booming, fast too. There were lights flashing all around me. The light was right next to me, it disappeared. “That was a close call” I said to myself. I took a step to see if I could get any deeper into the bush. SNAP! I had stepped on a branch. The light which was once off was on now and getting closer to me. “I know you're there” a deep voice said. My heart started to go faster, faster, faster. Until I'm in the spotlight. “SPOTLIGHT” the deep voice shouts. I was caught. I headed back to the meeting point for another round!

By Isy Parry

Flying fox

Yay it's the day the day to go on the flying fox. We run up the hill that goes through the forest. It is so steep my heart is pounding from running up that hill.
We make it up there. There is this person up there telling us the rules we all listen carefully. Well i did don't know about the others ! Right so who's going first. Evie asks me I say no thanks.with a nervous look on my face.
We sorted out who go first and its Evie .so now Evie gets harnessed in she stands up on this box and she's off.whizzing through the air and she stops at a hult bang you can see the tyres.
Up next Sam goes, from room 25 she gets harnessed in and she's off zooming through the air as she is so light hits the tyres. Meanwhile Evie's having another turn to jump on there for a second turn. So she jumps.
Now it's my turn. I'm excited and nervous I put the harness on. Oh the thing that we're running through my mind what if i don't make it.but anyway I don't want to bore you with everything so let's carry on. I fly down the line.
Just before i knew it, bang the tyres. I thought it was to hit my head but they didn't because i had a helmet on. Soon after everyone had three turns we had to go to our next activity which was rifle shooting . after we did all the activities. I said to myself what a fun day.

By Briah Smith

Millenium & more ...
Well I’m out of the car and waiting to start the journey .I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have come.The stripes of light danced on the blue body of water,Endless chatter started spark.But you never know how quickly this spreads over like fire on a windy forest.We were called over for a lecture.That was the first millennium.After that we started the second.The actual track.The bridge that showed promise of the start were where we headed.I as my typical self on tracks are the awkward loner hardly ever talked unless someone approaches which is decently uncommon.And half an hour later (more or less I didn’t know the time) we entered a dry section.this section had a small area where we ate.People wolfed food down.I wasn’t hungry (an odd anomaly) so I just had a bar.An aged wooden table stood in the centre,still people kept the rhythm up.I had a drink from my three litre storage.So we continued on this hell made path.Heat rays wavered in the air.This track had started going up.Now it’s come crashing down.The track turned steeply down to the Same terrain from the hills as if going round in circles.And through the this quarter(yes this is only a quarter)after this annihilating length of journey we got back to some water,although not a beach still recognizable as a checkpoint by the table and the views.Now a bit more hungry I ate a bun let alone a bit more.People continued the noise.So we were back on our journey after taking and stealing things from and/or teasing Zara.So gullible.If you reverse this journey and double the Emotion you pretty much got the rest of the journey.  

By Kane Chang