Balmacewen Cross Country

By Lauren Roney | Posted: Wednesday August 17, 2016

Our school cross country was held on Friday 12th August.

Well done to everyone who competed in the cross country.  The top twelve in each year group will represent Balmacewen at the Otago Cross Country Champs on Friday 2nd September.

The results were:

Year 7 Girls - 1st:  Jordan Evans-Tobata, 2nd:  Lavinia Penese, 3rd:  Eva Luna Sander

Year 7 Boys - 1st:  Hamish Faulks, 2nd:  Matheson Colquhoun, 3rd:  Luke Ure

Year 8 Girls - 1st:  Jesika Sebelin, 2nd:  Becky de la Harpe, 3rd:  Libby Briggs

Year 8 Boys - 1st:  Sammy Johnson, 2nd:  Winston Ward, 3rd:  Oliver Colloty

House Results - 

1st:  Chapman

2nd:  Highgate

3rd:  Shetland

4th:  Lynn

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