A Trip Inside My Head

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Monday June 6, 2016

By Elizabeth Purvis

Some days

You have

A billion things to think about

Other days

The clouds clear

And you can’t think

Of a single thing

Some days

You worry yourself


Other days

You couldn’t come up

With a single damp thought

Some days

You want to stay


Coiled in a ball

Contemplating your

Broken life

Other days

Being alone

Is a felony

And living in the now

Is essential

Some days

Are bad days

Some days are good

We live

For the good days

We learn

On the bad days

As much

As we’d like it to

We can’t stop life

We can’t go back

And change mistakes

We can’t go back

And save the people

You didn’t want to lose

We can’t stop

We can only continue

We can’t fast forward

Or slow-motion

We can only move

At the speed

Of life

Some days

It’s in our favour

Other days

It’s not

Some days

We just need to stop

Other days

We can’t stop

It’s all we can do to run, to ramble

Some days

It’s all we can do to feel bad, sad, mad

Other days

All we’d want is to lighten the mood

Most days

Are good days

Some days

Are bad

We can’t change it

But there’s always a second chance

That goes

By the name of