Thief in the night

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Thursday August 18, 2016

By Kate Waters

The Thief In The Night

Nobody knows

Nobody sees

So when black velvet drapes the skies

I do as I please

Stalking the darkened streets

I’m all alone

I clench my weapon in my pale fist

What will happen is unknown

As I leap from a broken window

Crimson splatters decorate my skin

Flying through the star shot night

No one will know my sin

Creeping back to my alleyway

Where my ammount of things are low

With graffiti tattooing the bricks

My life is full of woe

Throwing down my rusty blade

Shining in the white ghostly light

That comes from the large rounded ship

Sailing through the night

Nobody will know

Nobody will see

That in the alleyway there was a thief

And that thief was me