Friendly Bowling Competition

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Monday August 17, 2015

Balmacewen students played Summerset residents in a friendly game of indoor bowls at Balmacewen Intermediate last week. It was a close game and great fun.

On Thursday 13th August Balmacewen hosted our good neighbours from Summerset to a couple of games of indoor bowls. There were two teams of 4 from Summerset Retirement Village and two teams of 4 students from room 24.

Room 24 have been practising indoor bowls as part of their classroom programme. The Summerset residents have been playing indoor bowls regularly at their village. So both teams came well prepared for the competition.

Once basic rules were agreed upon there was a coin toss to determine which team started.

The games were played in good spirit with all teams supporting each other.  The lead changed a number of times between teams throughout the game. Some ends were so close that a measure had to be used to determine the winning bowl. In the end one game was won by Balmacewen, but the feature game was won by Summerset by just one point.

Everybody really enjoyed the game, and everybody is looking forward to a rematch some time soon.