TERM 1 almost done!

By Luke Herden | Posted: Thursday March 30, 2017

The term is coming to an end - and then we take a breather.

A term which started with pupils full of nerves and anxiousness has developed into a group of students who are excited and prepared for the challenges that have and will be posed to them throughout 2017.

Room 24 has come together in a way that has evidence of a strong team culture. They look out for each other and assist when it is needed. They have performed their assembly, taken to the challenge of Swimming Sports, put themselves outside their comfort zone for leadership opportunities, worked admirably in class and had plenty of fun along the way.

Term 2 starts off with a BANG! Camp!! We as a team cannot wait and look forward to the many challenges Term 2 offers with the main focus being on Science Fair. 

P.S: Our class environment has been modernised (as shown in the video). More to come, but this is a start.


Mr Herden

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