Natural History NZ visit Room 14

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Room 14 was extremely fortunate to have Lorne and Max from Natural History NZ share their amazing experiences.

As part of our survival unit we had 2 experts present an informative presentation on filming, editing and producing natural documentaries.    

With over 50 years of filming experience Max talked about his many unique experiences including...

- Being the first cameraman to film emperor penguins.  

-  Filming a nuclear sub breaking through the Arctic pack ice. 

- Building hides to film desert animals.

This all started from his movie making passion when as a young child he made a documentary about his visit to the Wellington Zoo in the early 1960s.   Max certainly has a wealth of experience in the film making business and we enjoyed the tips that he imparted.

We also really appreciated the insight Lorne provided when discussing the many projects that he has worked on.  His job has also taken him all over the world, experiencing unique events that most of us can only dream about.  

Room 14 thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would like to once again thank Max and Lorne for coming in.   

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