Room 9 was blown away by camp!

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Thursday March 17, 2016

Room 9 had an amazing time on camp and a bit of an adventure as well.

Last week Rooms 1 and 9 went on camp at Lake Waihola.  It was a great camp with lots of exciting and new experiences.  The tramp on the Wednesday was lovely, lots of great scenery and cheerful conversation as we walked.  On Thursday we had a go at geo -caching and this proved to be a popular activity.  In fact some Room 9 students went and had a go at geo-caching on the weekend around Dunedin.  We also did camp cooking and there were some wonderful smelling pancakes, very mouth watering smells drifting in the air.  

On Friday we moved around rotations and had a go at archery, rifle-shooting, mountain boarding and slack line, plus working through the initiative course and working on problems as a team.

Speaking of problem- solving:  we did have a bit of wind on Thursday night!  It was quite dramatic!  Tents flying, people flying (well, not quite) and loss of power.  But it was a very proud moment for me to see how well the students coped and supported each other.  And I would definitely recommend camp concerts by torchlight!.

A huge thanks to all camp parents.  Without you our camp would not have been the amazing experience it was!

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