Tim Tam Slam!

By jessie peat | Posted: Thursday June 2, 2016

Procedural Writing 

Room 11 watched a video on how to do a Tim Tam Slam. They each had to take detailed notes on the procedure.  From there, the class were asked to use their notes and procedural writing skills to create a set of written instructions. Here are a couple of examples of what they produced. Great work Madi and Jack!

And of course, we got to test the procedure out afterwards - it would be rude not to!!

How to do a Tim Tam slam.


Hot drink

Tim tam

Step 1.

Make a hot drink of your choice.

Bite the small ends of the tim tam off.

Step 2

Hold your tim tam like a burger with one small end of the tim tam facing you and the other small end facing away from you.

Step 3

Dip one end of the tim tam into the hot drink.

Use the tim tam as a straw and suck the middle of the tim tam out until the drink reaches the back of your tongue.

Step 4

Then put the tim tam in your mouth.

By Madi Baker


How to make a TIM TAM SLAM


  • Milo or your choice of hot beverage

  • Mug

  • Tim tam biscuit

  • Kettle or a device to heat up the beverage


  • Make a hot beverage of your choice.

  • Open the tim tam pack and take one tim tam out.

  • Evenly bite both short ends, not to much but not too little. Make sure both ends are straight.

  • Carefully hold the tim tam like a hamburger and dip one end into the drink and suck through the other side. When the drink reaches the back of your tongue put the whole tim tam in your mouth and take all that chocolate in❤️.

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