Winter sports at Balmacewen Intermediate School

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Monday March 27, 2017

There are a number of winter sports available for students at Balmacewen Intermediate. Read on for details...

Netball - is managed by Ms Beth Downie The fees are $85 to be paid by the start of Term 2. Games at the Edgar Centre  3:45 / 4:3- / 5:15 on Thursdays. Registrations closed on Wednesday

Hockey is managed by Sara Quelch The fees are $95 to be paid by the start of term 2. Games are at the McMillan Turf near Logan Park on a Friday afternoon.  The link for the Hockey Registrations: Registrations close on Wednesday 5th April

Basketball is managed by Mr Richard Olsen Basketball is on a Monday afternoon at the Edgar centre. The link for the Basketball Registrations: Registrations close on Monday 3rd April

Girls Football is managed by Miss Rachel Smart . It will take place during lunch times. The only cost is $3 to cover cost of badges. The day is to be confirmed and it will run over Term 2 and 3

Boys Football is managed by Mr Jake Scott.  Games are on Fridays 1:00/1:30pm - 2:30pm, students are often picked up from game if we are playing away. Training is on a Wed lunchtime. Trials begin week 1 Term 2.

Badminton is managed by Mr Rowan Cooke. It runs through term 3 on Tuesdays. The cost will be approx $30. Boys play from 3:30-4:40pm and girls 4:40-5:45pm.