MMG Tournament!

By Kate Elliott | Posted: Wednesday March 21, 2018

The ‘Heights’ syndicate (Rooms 22, 23, 24) have been working collaboratively in groups to complete a mini mini- golf course. We then put them all together to hold an 18 hole mini mini-golf tournament.

Each group were given a ping pong ball and each created their own golf putter. A lot of the groups personalised their putter to suit their golf course (our group did a racing flag). We then tried our own, as well as each other's’ mini golf courses. I really enjoyed trying our own as we had been working on it for quite some time and to actually see how difficult it was, was really cool.

On the first session, We (Room 23) tried our own golf courses and the rest of courses in our class. Then, the next day we tried Room 22’s and Room 24’s and they tried ours. I think that their courses looked really good and some of them were really intricate, detailed and quite hard!

Our group chose to keep score of our points to see how well we were doing.

Overall, I think the ‘Heights’ syndicate did an awesome job on their Mini Mini-Golf courses. Room 23’s hard work certainly paid off as our finished products looked great. We all had so much fun during our mini mini-golf tournament and we learned a lot about teamwork and collaboration along the way too!

  • Harindi (Room 23)

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