Hatch Education - After school and holiday courses

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Sunday February 14, 2016

Hatch Education offers opportunities to explore a range of technology supported by teachers and assistants. You can book in for after school programmes or holiday programmes.

Classes at Hatch are structured so that the initial sessions cover the key skills and knowledge needed. From there it's time to get creative and students make their own plans and designs...tinkering with what does and doesn't work in order to achieve a result they can take pride in knowing, because they planned it and made it, it is the only one of its kind in the world! Classes are run by a tutor and an assistant so that ratios are kept low and children have ready access to help when needed. However, we also encourage children to learn strategies to seek answers for themselves so they can continue their learning with greater independence at home.

The age ranges given for classes are an indication. Please enquire if your child falls outside the indicated age range of the course. We acknowledge that age does not predict skill level in particular areas but also understand that peer groups prefer the company of those of a similar age.

Go to : www.hatch.education for more information.