Room 9 and 14s Geometry Challenge

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Tuesday September 13, 2016

Over the last few weeks both Room 9 and 14 have been doing some learning around geometry. In the last week of the unit both classes came together and were given a challenge to plan, create and share a city fit to host the Olympics using only geometrical nets.

Both classes were mixed into teams and had to work collaboratively together to create the city and also create a presentation that would persuade us to think that their city is the best city to host the Olympics - students were able to use their persuasive writing skills that they have been building this term.

Below are Team 1 and Team 2’s persuasive explanations:

Team 1

Our Olympic Village. It’s better than everyone else's. Why you ask? Well… We’re just about to tell you.

First it’s really easy to get around. Secondly we have a massive city center. Third a lovely, big, beautiful, stunning place for the athletes to stay and finally heaps of accommodation and heaps of yummy places to eat at.

Don’t go to Rio...go to Momglin!

Team 2

This is our Olympic city! Our city is full of attractions such as large stadiums, big shopping malls, a bunch of little houses for the tourists and a friendly environment. Their is a healthy environment for the olympians and it is also a very warm but not too hot. Also the traffic is very easy to get around. Our city is better than Rio make sure the Olympics are in Triopia!

All teams worked really well together and produced great cities but in the end Team 1 took out the challenge! Well done.

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