Scary Campfire stories from Room 9.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Thursday March 30, 2017

One of our follow up reading activities was to create spooky campfire stories to share.  The final stories were clever, spooky and possibly a bit gruesome!

Gruesome Camp

“It was the 17th of February 1973 and we all surrounded the crackling, flickering flames of the camp fire. The smell of burning marshmallows and the sound of spooky stories circled my ears like a hamster wheel. The low mist of the night made our breath look like we were dragons as we blew out into the light of our torches.” And that was the end of the chapter. All of the children filed out of the bonfire room and into their cabins. But there were two girls who refused to go to sleep and they went by the names of Olivia and Hannah. Goose bumps masked their face’s, the colour swept off them when mist spilled into the frosty dark air, the star’s sparkling and reflecting down onto the valley below.

The ground bounced to life, screeching and howling as the pool of mist danced around the ruby coloured spark of the flames that still existed of the bonfire. Gnarly finger nails scratched at the ground before launching above the misty surface. Rotting hands managed to heave themselves out of the grave followed by a corpse’s body tearing the earth apart. Blood was smeared over the dead skin, the undead cornering Olivia and Hannah. The zombies luring through the shadows of the moon whilst a blood thirsty sentence echoed through the mountains, ‘tonight through the moonlight your body will lie’. Screams spilled out of Olivia and Hannah’s mouths knowing these were their last sounds, then it all stopped, everything stopped, the air turned chilly and a shivering silence spread over the valley.

Dawn tickled the mountain and golden sunlight rested on the valley. As the children awoke that morning some tumbled to the ground in shock, others screams filled the air and other's tears pooled around the ground when the rosy blood caught their eyes, the shiny letters formed through the golden light spelled out: Two of you are gone their body’s lie here their hearts no longer beat but you are not gone your body’s stand here but we intend to drive you too, to the depths of despair. Every one who stands here shall find their way to a grave.

Those words remained true everyone who stood in that place died, in the beginning it was that they died the next night but year after year the time increased and decreased and maybe it would be two nights later they would be found dead or five seconds no one knew, after every death the curse was repeated in blood. Eventually a school was toppled up on top of this place and named balmacewen, someday each student will pass away and who knows how long in the future that will be…

Spirits play in our play ground that once a upon a time was theirs or longer back was their camp fire. Spirit’s stuck in their childhood for the rest of eternity. Each day they ask if they can borrow your pencil and you don’t know where it’s gone. And you know how the changing rooms seem fuller than they are, perhaps they want to join in on P.E as well. When the wind breathes past your ears can you hear their screams? Will that be your screams one day? Will the curse be written in your blood? Next time your pencil goes missing just don’t be annoyed they probably asked, and you might want a living person's pencil one day, when you're dead too.

By Olivia and Hannah.

              Campfire Stories

Once their were two girls who shared a college dorm together. Their names were Meg and Venida. The girls were out partying one night. Meg noticed she forgot her purse and went back quickly to the dorm. Without turning on the lights she walked in and grabbed the purse. Then she returned to the party. Later on in the night, Venida got tired. She left to the dorm to go to sleep.

The next morning, Meg went back to the dorm. The police officers were outside.

" Officer, what's the problem?" She asked.

" There has been a murderer."

" Oh my god. Please let me see."

"No. It's a bit to sloppy." Said the officer.

"Please." Finally, the officer let Venida upstairs. When she walked in the room she saw her roommate covered with a clean white sheet. On the mirror in big, red letters words said: " AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT?"

By Hamish