What's hot in the kitchen with the Y8's?

By Alex Buttery | Posted: Tuesday March 8, 2016

We have been working towards creating our own pies.  

The Year 8's have been planning their own pies, writing their shopping lists and working out how long it will take to create them.  On  Day 2 we made the pastry and the fillings, and day 3 put them together.  The room smelt amazing with all the delicious flavours floating  around. The pies looked great and judging from the amount not going home, they tasted great too.

The pastry was either puff or short pastry and the filling had to be savoury. But each partnership could choose their unique filling from butter chicken with cranberry to swirled kumera and potato topping.  Mince and cheese was a firm favouite amongst all 3 year 8 classes.  

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