By Tony Martin | Posted: Monday May 16, 2016

Great to see everyone back refreshed after the holiday break. Also great to see so many come back with their ideas in place for the Term Two Aspire which is the Balmacewen Intermediate Science Fair. 

Science Fair is a major activity which dominates the first few weeks and continues throughout the term, both in class and as home learning.

This term promises to be busy with opportunities for the students ranging from robotics to production auditions with many sports and New Zealand Music Month in between.

Towards the end of term I am sure the minds of students will start to switch on regarding secondary education with a raft of open night opportunities being provided. My advice to the students is to make sure you do all you can to ensure your mid-year report is as good as it can be as you may need to have this document on hand with your secondary school application.

Thanks in advance to all the parents and caregivers for the support that you will provide to the students of Room Thirteen during this second term.