Writing Extension's trip to Olverston Historic Home

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Saturday June 20, 2015

A Journey Back in Time.

On Thursday the 25th of June the Balmacewen Extension writing group went to Olveston Historic Home to get inspiration for some of our stories. 

We had an amazing experience, and learnt all about what time was like during that time era. The house has 35 rooms (including a hall, drawing room, bedrooms, card room, kitchen, butler’s pantry, library and dining room) and many fireplaces. 

We are using this experience to write better stories and to be able to add historic detail to give our writing more depth. We also had an opportunity to dress up in outfits to get into character. All of us enjoyed the experience, and hopefully we will have some stories up on our blog soon!

Also please check out our blog with this link: http://balmacewenwriting2015.weebly.com/

By Maia Dean

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